Monday, November 8, 2010

Organic Applesauce

KK has been asking for over a week to make applesauce, and as it is very simple for such a delicious reward at the end, we made no-sugar added applesauce Sunday morning!

5 pound bag Organic Apples
1 cup water

Wash & Peel apples... we were using too big of a pot & had to transfer to a smaller pot for cooking the applesauce.

Add spices..

Cook on medium heat & stir every 5 minutes

Once applesauce has cooked down for 20+ minutes, mash!

Continue simmering on low-medium heat for an additional 30-60minutes & then enjoy!

Brooke & Ceilidh


  1. YAY! How awesome! Did you use a specific type of apples? And is cutting them up easier? Like potatoes?

    Tell Ceilidh I love her (your) blog! :D

  2. What an adorable idea for a blog. I LOVE it.

  3. We used little gala apples.. we only cut them up so we could be sure no seeds or anything were left behind!


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